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Who Are We?

Church on Tap is a community of faith, a Church, that is on the spiritual journey toward Jesus, the Christ. It is a community that worships together, prays together, serves together, and shares the story of the journey we find ourselves on. We add to the epic tale of Jesus with our own stories of faith by the sharing of our lives as we travel along our own journey.   


We are kind of a "startup" church; we first started meeting back in 2008 at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery in downtown Buffalo... the bar wasn't open Sunday mornings and owner graciously allowed us to meet there for free.  He even suggested it!  The name "Church on Tap" made a lot of sense.

As we have grown and modified things, we have settled in a new location in the suburbs, but we have kept the name.  Even though our location is different, we still hold on to the same spirit that we started with.

No Pastor, No Staff,
No Building

"Church" is not defined by a building, but the recognition of God's presence in a place and by moving our beliefs into action. The identification of God’s active presence in the world should be evident in our involvement with it. "We believe God hangs out in bars."
We have no paid staff and don't own a building, so we are able to give back most of what we take in. Our community is run by its members and all are encouraged to use their gifts and abilities to improve our mission for Christ.

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5205 Harris Hill, Williamsville, NY, United States, New York

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